Tribal Soul Smudge Stick - White Sage & Lavender

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Tribal Soul
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  • Tribal Soul Smudge Stick - White Sage & Lavender


Tribal Soul Smudge Stick - White Sage & Lavender

White Sage & Lavender smudge stick for physical wellbeing, healing and relaxation.

White Sage is known for its medicinal properties and offers excellent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. It cleanses a person or space, and promotes healing and wisdom.
Lavender will help relieve body tension and stress. It enhances a sense of wellbeing while relaxing your body, mind, and soul with its sweet and exotic scent. Perfect for peaceful sleep.

Box contains x12 smudge sticks.

How to smudge:

1. Light the bundle with a match.
2. The tip of the stick should begin to smolder slowly, releasing the smoke.
3. Allow the smoke to linger around the areas you wish to cleanse.
4. You may use your hand or a feather to direct the smoke.
5. Allow the ash to collect in a bowl or tray.
6. Once you are done, ensure that your smudge stick is completely extinguished.

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